2010 Team Members

The SubjuGator project team members are comprised from undergraduate and graduate students from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Florida.

Name Position Major Email
Patrick Walters Team Leader Mechanical Engineering walters8@ufl.edu

BS (2011)

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical design and manufacturing.

Devin Hughes Co-Leader Mechanical Engineering dkhughes@ufl.edu

PhD (2013)

Dynamical Systems and Controls

Electrical design, sensors and kalman filtering, trajectory generation, mission planning.

Subrat Nayak Electrical Systems Electrical Engineering sn32594@ufl.edu

MSEE/MSME (2010)

Dynamical Systems and Controls

Electrical design and fabrication.

Nic Fischer Software Development Mechanical Engineering nic.fischer@ufl.edu

PhD (2013)

Dynamical Systems and Controls

Computer vision, controller design, mission planning.

Gautam Dash Acoustic Systems Mechanical Engineering gbdash@ufl.edu

MS (2010)

Dynamic Systems and Controls

Acoustic navigation and signal processing

Jheanell Tabana Mechanical Systems Mechanical Engineering jheanellt@ufl.edu

BS (2010)

Actuator design. General mechanical engineering tasks.

Dana Massaro Mechanical Systems Mechanical Engineering dmassaro@ufl.edu

BS (2011)

General mechanical engineering tasks.

John Phillips Mechanical Systems Mechanical Engineering johnwphillips@ufl.edu

BS (2011)

General mechanical engineering tasks.

Dr. Eric Schwartz Faculty Advisor ems@mil.ufl.edu

PhD (UF 1995)

Dept. of Electrical Engineering

Machine intelligence, autonomous mobile agents, microcomputers, control.

Dr. Carl Crane Faculty Consultant ccrane@ufl.edu

PhD (UF 1987)

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Robotics, autonomous machines, computer graphics, kinematics.

Dr. Antonio Arroyo Faculty Consultant arroyo@ufl.edu

PhD (UF 1981)

Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Machine intelligence, microprocessors, expert systems, human-machine interaction.

Shannon Ridgeway Consultant scer@ufl.edu


Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Machine intelligence, dynamic systems and control, kinematics.