2003 Team Members

The SubjuGator project team members are comprised from undergraduate and graduate students from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Florida.

Name Position Major Email
Max Makeev Team Leader Electrical Engineering NA

JP Clerc Member Mechanical Engineering  NA

Rolando Panez Member Electrical Engineering  NA

Joel Schipper Member Electrical Engineering NA

Alex Silverman Member Electrical Engineering NA

Vinh Trinh Member Electrical Engineering NA

Jason W. Grzywna Member Electrical Engineering  NA

Dr. Eric Schwartz Faculty Coordinator, Advisor, Consultant ems@mil.ufl.edu

PhD (UF 1995)

Dept. of Electrical Engineering

Machine intelligence, autonomous mobile agents, microcomputers, control.

Dr. Michael C. Nechyba Faculty Advisor  NA

Dr. A. Antonio Arroyo Faculty Advisor  NA

Dr. Thomas E. Bullock Faculty Consultant  NA

Dr. TaeHoon Choi Consultant  NA