• HOG Descriptor Implementation

    HOG Descriptors can be uesd to identify an object with a sliding window. It is very slow, so the goal is to train an SVM on the data to speed up the process. This method is much more reliable then the color segmentation we had previously relied on. Below is a snapshot of the selection window…

  • March 16 Testing Day Notes

      This Week We Got one competition task working using point cloud data, in the pool Successfully bumped the buoy Proved that the cameras work pretty well in dark conditions Ralph got all of the bags on the sub onto the third computer in MIL, “WALL-E” Forrest added a bunch of features to TxROS at our request,…

  • Our Lab Has Moved

    To all visitors and interested students: the Machine Intelligence Lab has changed rooms from MAEB 325 to MAEC 126.